What does Tier means while considering a Datacenter?

The classification of the Datacenter according to the Tier I to IV Datacenter is a process of defining the performance of a Datacenter on the basis of its up-time to customers. Various factors like the Return on Investments & the total dedicated servers’ productivity can also be measured with the help of these classifications of Tier.

A server is a normal machine & every machine needs some or the other kind of maintenance, therefore, it doesn’t matter with the Tiers of Datacenter as long as the servers are performing well & giving you the desired outputs.

It is usually said that the Tier 4 Data center are robust & build considering all the redundant aspects. It consists of the N + N redundant power, cooling, storages, HVAC systems as well as network supply. Tier III Datacenter also consists of the same level of security & redundant measures taken; it is just that Tier III includes of N + 1 instead of N + N. The following are some of the facts that might be of a help to know the differences:

Tier 1 – Redundancy is not available. There is a single server set-up.
Tier 2 – Consists of Tier 1 feature with comparatively lesser redundant components.
Tier 3 – Consists of Tier 1 & Tier 2 features along with multiple uplinks & Dual-powered equipments for redundancy.
Tier 4 – Consists of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 features & all the aspects are fully fault-tolerant & dual powered.

The following is the Classification of Datacenter Availability according to Tiers & their percentage uptime:

Tier 1 assures 99.671% uptime guarantee.
Tier 2 assures 99.741% uptime guarantee.
Tier 3 assures 99.982% uptime guarantee.
Tier 4 assures 99.995% uptime guarantee.

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Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting–Believe it or Not to believe?

It seems to be pretty unavoidable and attractive to see unlimited web hosting packages on the websites of various web hosting providers.Most users get attracted to such promotions made by the web hosting companies in India. Now the question is to believe such offers to be true or simply discard it and look for a honest web hosting provider offering best web hosting services along with reliability and transparency.Most of the users get stuck up in such a dilemma between the two.

We often see hosting companies offering unlimited bandwidth hosting.There is a high level of competition among hosting companies, and each are trying to attract customers by offering various attractive offers at cheap prices. Unlimited bandwidth is one of the features often used by hosting companies to draw the attention of new potential customers. And due to the lack of knowledge,users often fall prey to such promotions and unfortunately sign up for such web hosting packages.They later realize the facts and hidden aspects of such services. Users are simply unaware of the fact that unlimited bandwidth hosting is practically impossible.

Hosting companies usually offer such unlimited bandwidth hosting packages to small companies and individuals who have their own websites. The web hosting service provider is damn sure that your website would never even come close to using the bandwidth.Rather most websites would actually not use much bandwidth at all. Though, if your site receives a lot of users, typically if you have a websites that allows live or offline audio or video streaming and multiple users using your website at the same time, a lot of bandwidth is being consumed,then what happens? ,terror strikes and something that you had never expected actually happens.Getting attracted to  the irresistible offer,you surely wouldn’t have had a look at the terms of service (TOS) of the web host before signing up with them. Somewhere, in small print in the terms of service agreement there will surely be an elaboration of the term “unlimited bandwidth” and what does that refer to,from the companies point of view.If you read carefully,you would be shocked to read the actual explanation of the term.Its then that you realize that there is definitely a limit on “unlimited bandwidth hosting” package too. Once you exceed a particular amount of bandwidth,your web hosting services are shutdown.After inquiring about the reason,you are asked to upgrade to a higher package,failing to do so would result in a suspension of the account.

Apart from such falsely committing web hosting companies, there are companies who market their services with promotions jargon’s such as “Unmetered Bandwidth hosting”. You can believe such companies.After paying an X amount for this option you are free to use bandwidth as much as you require.But,there involves a trick within it too.The rate of speed is reduced and you ultimately end up using the same bandwidth as that with a normal hosting package.

Therefore, it is advised to sign up for standard web hosting packages or if you have a website that receives heavy traffic then even a small business web hosting package too would be appropriate.Just in case in future you realize an increase in the number of visitors to your website, you may simply contact the hosting company and check out the plans that are available that best fulfills your requirements.

It is also better to know the current status of the approximate number of daily visitors to your website and the size and other requirements of your website.Let all these details be known to the best web hosting provider that you have shortlisted.Ask for their advice about the appropriate web hosting package suitable for your website to be hosted.This would avoid the suspension of your web hosting services and avoid the loss of revenue generated from your website.

Setting up a Cron job

If you have a site that is hosted on a server you might have experienced that there are certain types of commands or say scripts which have to be used/entered many times so that the program you want to run will run and work effectively.

As it is very important for these types of programs that you enter the commands or these programs will not work. There are some of the programs which require the same scripting every minute, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly so that they continue working. But, these scripts are not so short and easy to be entered every minute, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and even if it is, it is not possible for anyone to do this task for 24×7×365 days a year.

For this, it is very important to have a system for this task so that the scripts which have to be entered in different time intervals are entered and the programs will run effectively.Cron job is a kind of software which is able to do this work for you. Cron job allows you to setup a schedule of the scripts and commands to be entered on your server so that you can run the desired task on the server at the appropriate time. For example, if you want your server to accept the emails only for a limited time then you can do this by entering the required commands only once and setup the cron job.

Once it is setup it will work according and your VPS hosting server will accept the emails only for the time you have specified. This means it is a kind of a software that will run a service on your server at the time you want it to be available. The cron job can be setup with the help of the following steps:-

There are two options by which you can setup the cron job one is the standard GUI and the other is the Advanced (Unix Style) option:-

IMPORTANT :- It is important that you understand how the cron jobs actually work.You need to have a good knowledge of Linux commands before you can use cron jobs effectively, especially when using the “Advanced (Unix Style).” Check your script with your hosting administrator before adding a cron job.
Using the standard GUI:-

Steps for using the standard GUI…

1) Click on the Standard button.

2) Enter the email address in the text box provided where you want the output of your cron job files to be sent as it is requested by the first option.

3) “Entry 1” will be available to you by default. “Command to run” is the first option. Enter the command or path to a script/file you want to run in the text box.

4) After the option “Command to run” there are five options for setting the time and frequency your cron job will run:

1. Minute(s)
2. Hours(s)
3. Days(s)
4. Month(s)
5. Weekday(s)

Select from each of the categories accordingly.

5) Now, click on the Save Crontab to create the cron job entry or if you wish to reset the modifications you have made back to the default settings, click on the Reset Changes button.

6) A confirmation page will be shown stating “Cron Updated!” Click on the Go Back button to return to the main Cron Job screen.

Using the Advanced (Unix Style) Option:-

Steps for using the Advanced (Unix Style) Option…

1) Click on the Advanced (Unix Style) Option button.
2) Enter the email address in the text box provided where you want the output of your cron job files to be sent as it is requested by the first option.
3) Next, enter the Minute, Hour, Day, Month, Weekday and Command in the text boxes provided.
4) Now, click on the Save Crontab to create the cron job entry or if you want to reset the modifications you have made back to the default settings, click on the Reset Changes button.
5) A confirmation page will be shown stating “Cron Updated!” Click on the Go Back button to return to the main Cron Job screen.

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WordPress Hosting In India

We had already talked in a previous post saying that Dreamz Infotech (web solutions company in india) had big surprises for those who want to get a wordpress hosting quality, after talking about the java hosting it’s time to talk about the Blogs. Systems for creating and editing blogs are very attractive for the facilities they offer, as exempt thorough knowledge of HTML. Briefly, it is a more interactive website that instead of static content, edited by professionals, often have more informal and dynamic tone.

The blog is a web site with whose updates (called posts) are arranged chronologically in reverse, it is a web page that can serve as a daily (yes, that was the original purpose of the blog), a professional page with ideas, reflections, observations, comments, notes, links, etc.. simple, easy and friendly way to start an online presence and a web page accessible to use where you can quickly publish ideas and interact with people. You could say that blogs are the soul of the Web 2.0 as they come before old fotologs (anyone remember that?) that evolved into the “relationship sites” that are known today as social networks.

Every blog is a CMS (Content Management System), a system for content management and a major CMSs in the market is WordPress, which has 55% attendance in the whole world! Needless to say, it has high relevance in Google and other search engines across the web! It is certainly a great deal to have a blog nowadays. Therefore, it is a good deal for you, it’s good business for us the Dreamz Infotech.

We redesigned our old wordpress hosting offer and now you can install the WordPress Hosting on own platform created by Dreamz Infotech. Here are some benefits of it:

  • Optimized Web Server
  • Sites Migrator
  • Support specializing in WordPress
  • Isolated clients
  • Guaranteed Resources

We created a specifically targeted server for WordPress tool, this server has been developed from the following goal “Make the best environment to host WordPress in India” this service has a dedicated sites in WordPress environment with a developed platform for optimal performance CMS, as standards set by WordPress.org.

We also have a specialized support in the tool, as we have specialized servers for WordPress Hosting, our experts train our attendants to assist you in all areas of the tool, for the activation of plugins, themes and modules to the migration of sites. These servers are fully insulated, new servers to meet customers specifically using WordPress webdesign solutions in india.

The plan contains the ease of WordPress installation by pressing a button in the control panel of Dreamz Infotech. If you already have your site or blog active in another company, we have the convenience of migrating your website files to our server with full automation. All this lies within the cloud of Dreamz Infotech, which demonstrates that your wordpress is fully scalable, secure and monitored.

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