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How to Build A Collective Shopping Site

Today many people come to us knowing how to assemble a site of collective purchases fueled by real fever that swept the Internet. The enthusiasm is justified, since the business model is highly interesting and profitable and it’s been a long time success in the United States. The paths to the creation of these sites are not unknown, but the accessory tools for creating a site of collective purchasing are sometimes placed in the background, undermining business performance.

A site collective purchase is more than one system

If you pay close attention, the collective shopping sites have the same basic appearance. There are two reasons for this. The first is that in terms of design and usability that is the format that works. The second is that the scripts – programs – that create these sites are ready and the market. With an initial investment of less than $ 15,000 can buy a great system for a site of collective purchasing. In truth, a site collective purchasing can be mounted even if the platform using WordPress with a plugin specifically created for this. The technical issue is therefore not creating a problem for site collective purchasing. With a training course for the team responsible for managing the site will be fully trained and able to manage the day-to-day business.

The battle of the digital marketing of discount sites

The second point to be addressed by the entrepreneur who wants to create a site collective purchasing is the issue of disclosure. The big difference is in the shares of digital marketing that will be implemented in the dissemination of promotions offered by the site. The e-mail marketing has a crucial role in this business, since it is the most immediate form of communication with potential buyers. To achieve efficiency in this area, it is best to hire a good service activation and training of an employee to administer the database and composition of the mailing in order to not be blocked or deleted automatically by the anti-spam providers.

The second action is to stage the social networks and social media marketing. Social media has the “face” of collective purchasing. They are agile and frequented by people seeking information. A well trained staff in this area is essential, even if you hire an agency to handle that part. The monitoring of actions in social media is an essential tool for making decisions in this market. The web analysis also plays a key role, since we can identify the behavior patterns of target audience. Information provided by tools like Google Analytics can help in making decisions, for example, the determination of new markets to be addressed.

The third action is to stage the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The search marketing has an important role in the success of a project in this area and how the actions of SEO – Website Optimization for search engines require time to be effective, marketers must also rely on actions involving sponsored links.


If you are thinking of setting up a site of collective purchasing, keep in mind that marketing will be a key factor in this venture and therefore should receive as much attention as the system area. Email marketing, social media, sponsored links and blogs will be part of arsenal of tools you will use to obtain a prominent position in this market. If you’re starting to create collective purchasing site, you can take care of that part of the business and ensure project success. If you already have a site of collective purchasing, make sure your online marketing activities are in accordance with the requirements of this business model.


An Overview of Blog Hosting

Blogs can be a great way for sharing your knowledge and displaying your expertise across the World Wide Web.It does not matter if you have a personal website or a small business web hosting,you can surely write your experiences or information about the products or services you offer. Blogs are considered to be one of the most effective ways of portraying your expertise.

Blogs help your customers to quickly run through the product manuals and tutorials that can help them sort issues on their own.Blogs are full of information and is usually updated on a regular basis.Search engine friendly blogs can help to benefit your main domain in the SERP’s.

Usually most of the web hosting providers offer blog hosting services as well.If you have an existing small business web hosting account with eIndiahost and wish to install a blogging software such as WordPress,Nucleas etc.,you can either do it on your own or ask the admins to install it for you.These applications are already present in your control panel and can be installed with a single click.If you have a cPanel control panel,then through Fantastico you can get WordPress installed on your own,whereas if you have Plesk,you would need Plesk Power Pack in order to have WordPress.You do not have to pay anything extra for installing WordPress through Fantastico cPanel,while there is a nominal charge for Plesk Power Pack.

Blog hosting enable you to showcase your blogsite on blogging platforms. Blogging platforms such as WordPress,Nucleas and b2evolution are some of the widely used softwares.

Few reasons why you should consider Blog hosting are as stated below:

a. You have the complete control over the content you publish on your own blog/s.You have the control to manage the priveleges of the users and contributers.
b. The content is more secure since you have the blog hosted in your own webspace unlike that of a free blogging website.
c. Blogging applications and themes can enhance the overall scalability through easily downloadable plug-ins and affiliate programs. WordPress for example have multiple SEO friendly addons and plugins that further enhances your blogs and hence your main website.
d. You can publish user guidelines,tutorials and trouble shooting articles for your users.
e. You can add various multimedia content such as images,videos,audio files etc. which are high resolution files with ease.

If you are planning to set up a blog with no previous experience of web hosting,then make sure that the web hosting provider you choose does not compromise on quality. Blogs usually do not require much resources,therefore a simple shared hosting package should be enough initially.Later you can easily upgrade the package if necessary.If you are planning attach your blog to a main domain of your website then make sure that you have enough resources to support both the accounts.

It is better to choose a web hosting provider that offers 24×7 support via various mediums such as Live Chat,Phone and Emails/Tickets. Blogs are more prone to spamming,hence installing plugins to avoid spammers spam your blogs can be a good options.
Make sure to take regular backups of the content. Similar to forums,blogs too can be a useful platform for communication.
There is no barrier for installing a blogging platform on any of the web hosting accounts.You can get it installed even if you have a simple shared package or a small business web hosting package,VPS or even a dedicated server.

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Website Designing Tips :

Before designing your website you should study your clientbase and thus accordingly design your website. People will visit your site with specific purpose so you should try to offer them what they are looking for in easy to understand way. Your main focus should be on providing specific information what your visitor may be looking for in more clear format so that they will stay on your site for more period of time. You should ensure that all information which you are presenting to your visitor should be accessible easily within few clicks from home page. None of your informative pages should be buried much deeper into your site.

When using graphics you should place them perfectly and should be relevant to your content. Make sure you use proper size for all your graphics. Graphics plays an important role for making your website design beautiful. Don’t use too big or too small images which can be overlooked. What is important is the content as compare to graphics used so you should divert attention of your website visitors from content as your quality content will make them stay longer on your site.

You should use proper font style, their size, color which can be read easily and should match your overall site theme. Its always better to use light background color thus your text would be easily readable else your website viewers will have difficulty in viewing the pages.

Placement of all graphics is an important issue which should be consider, al graphics used should have meaningful placement and should be related to your content. All images should be placed as per requirements and should not be overused.

Try to avoid blinking images if you are building commercial site, you can use them if you are creating some fancy, animated websites. Blinking images may distract attention of your webusers from your quality content.

As a webmaster you should check for broken links, make sure your site don’t have any broken links. This may affect your site reputation and your programming skill.

All information that you are providing to your webusers should be accessible much faster, no page loading message should be used rather present all information instantly else you may loose your visitor.

As a designer you should not just concentrate on graphics rather you should look for attractive page layout, navigation and structure of your website. Many sites are doing very well even if they don’t have any eye catchy images/graphics. All what is resented is excellent quality content in more structured manner. Web surfers usually looks for information rather them beautiful graphics.

Keep all title short and meaningful, don’t repeat them unnecessary. Use proper font, color and size for them. Try use different title for every page and should use most relevant title depending on page content. You should crosscheck for all grammatical errors and keyword phrasing.  Incorrect grammar and syntax will reflect badly on the web site.

Try to use important keywords within your website at should be placed at most perfect places which will tell more about your website. You should try to attract visitors using most relevant keywords with proper placement.

Your home page design should be clean and clear, it’s the first page which your website visitor will surf and if you manage to attract them from your home page design then almost you have win them.

You should try to put all important elements of your website on the frontpage so that visitor can get what is your site about and they don’t have to search your site for specific information. Your home page should not be a Bible long rather should be short and sweet. You can make your visitor for getting deep into your site for more information using proper links and symbols.

As a matter a fact Web page designing is extremely challenging job and should be done very carefully. Viewers take only a fraction of a second to decide whether a particular site will be useful to them or not. So you should try to catch their attention using clean and clear, easy to navigate design.


WordPress Hosting In India

We had already talked in a previous post saying that Dreamz Infotech (web solutions company in india) had big surprises for those who want to get a wordpress hosting quality, after talking about the java hosting it’s time to talk about the Blogs. Systems for creating and editing blogs are very attractive for the facilities they offer, as exempt thorough knowledge of HTML. Briefly, it is a more interactive website that instead of static content, edited by professionals, often have more informal and dynamic tone.

The blog is a web site with whose updates (called posts) are arranged chronologically in reverse, it is a web page that can serve as a daily (yes, that was the original purpose of the blog), a professional page with ideas, reflections, observations, comments, notes, links, etc.. simple, easy and friendly way to start an online presence and a web page accessible to use where you can quickly publish ideas and interact with people. You could say that blogs are the soul of the Web 2.0 as they come before old fotologs (anyone remember that?) that evolved into the “relationship sites” that are known today as social networks.

Every blog is a CMS (Content Management System), a system for content management and a major CMSs in the market is WordPress, which has 55% attendance in the whole world! Needless to say, it has high relevance in Google and other search engines across the web! It is certainly a great deal to have a blog nowadays. Therefore, it is a good deal for you, it’s good business for us the Dreamz Infotech.

We redesigned our old wordpress hosting offer and now you can install the WordPress Hosting on own platform created by Dreamz Infotech. Here are some benefits of it:

  • Optimized Web Server
  • Sites Migrator
  • Support specializing in WordPress
  • Isolated clients
  • Guaranteed Resources

We created a specifically targeted server for WordPress tool, this server has been developed from the following goal “Make the best environment to host WordPress in India” this service has a dedicated sites in WordPress environment with a developed platform for optimal performance CMS, as standards set by

We also have a specialized support in the tool, as we have specialized servers for WordPress Hosting, our experts train our attendants to assist you in all areas of the tool, for the activation of plugins, themes and modules to the migration of sites. These servers are fully insulated, new servers to meet customers specifically using WordPress webdesign solutions in india.

The plan contains the ease of WordPress installation by pressing a button in the control panel of Dreamz Infotech. If you already have your site or blog active in another company, we have the convenience of migrating your website files to our server with full automation. All this lies within the cloud of Dreamz Infotech, which demonstrates that your wordpress is fully scalable, secure and monitored.

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Neha is an expert author and loves sharing useful tips on how to choose best website hosting company in India, tips and techniques about SEO, SEM on her official blog.