FTP Website Hosting

All web hosting service provider offers you login details for your server or hosting account once your server/hosting account is setup, you can login to your server using these details and can play with your hosting account and can manage your server/website. You can upload all required files on your website using control panel which you will get with your hosting plan. Usually all webmaster prefer FTP for uploading and downloading data/web files. Your web host will offer you FTP login details using which you can login to your server/hosting account. You can create any number of FTP accounts for your hosting account using which you can manage all your web files.

You need to use FTP client program using which you can connect to your server/hosting account and can upload or download files.

You will find many FTP client software such as Bulletproof FTP, WSFTP, or CuteFTP etc… You can also upload/download webfiles using your control panel through file manager which comes within your cPanel control panel but managing hosting account using file manager is not much easy as compare to FTP thus most webmaster uses FTP for uploading and downloading webfiles.

Once you login to your FTP you are directly connected to your server or web hosting services account thus you need to use it very carefully. You should not give your FTP account login details to anyone else and you should keep its very unique which cannot be get hacked 😉

Almost all web browser have built-in FTP clients, you can easily enter your FTP address into the your browser address field. You need to prefix ftp:// before your domain name else you would be redirected to your website rather then to your FTP server.

Once you are connected with your FTP server you can exchange data files, image files, video files etc… and can upload them on your website. You can also copy all your webfiles, data files can edit them if you have right permissions for editing them.

FTP plays an important role for managing your website hosting account and websites.


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