What is streaming?

Streaming, what is it?

Technology has advanced steadily, and through this technology you can share various information or perform live broadcasts, but for this you must have a streaming server.

How does a streaming server work?

Normally we would download the file altogether so we can run the same in our computed, a song in mp3, for example, to hear the full song, first have to download the same. The streaming server causes the media file to be played while It is being downloaded. While it is being downloaded, the file parts are being stored in buffer, and every part that is downloaded, the same is being reproduced according to what was stored in the buffer.

What is the quality of this play?

This will depend on several factors. Some streaming servers have limit of simultaneous connections when this limit runs out, it is usually not possible to receive the transmission. The speed of your internet also counts a lot. If it is too slow, the buffer files take time to be completed, i.e., downloaded part of the file and the same is played to its end if the next part is not completed by the end of the previous playback, the media will be paused waiting for the conclusion of the next part where it is played normally. This situation causes a lot of indignation from those who are listening.

How to create my own streaming?

It’s simple, streaming servers can be downloaded from the internet for free, they are usually plug-ins of the best known players such as Windows Media
Player, Real Player or Winamp. You need to call to have an input audio or image so you can perform the transmission, so whatever touches on your computer through the player used will be transmitted to the internet. The program itself provides the broadcast address, you simply inform this address to your friends and put files to play.

There are also streaming hosting services where this in turn has a control panel for you to manage online, send your music to internet and played songs will not have any connection with your computer, not having to pay more for a fixed-ip or internet.

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