Workgroup Server From IBM: X3550 and X3650

IBM Computer System x3550 M2, which is a descendant of the x3550, absorbed from their all the best predecessors and has the features that meet the modern requirements of the server.

X3550 M2 server has a quad-core processor to provide continuous and error-free system, has a great configuration capabilities, flexible architecture and power saving characteristics, and this differs from the previous generation of servers.

The new computer has the ability to integrate up to 6 HDD SAS total – 1.8 terabytes, the ability to service without stopping the server work.

x3550 M2 is a low-voltage FE, possesses a unique software and the latest energy-saving modules to control power consumption.

IBM x3550 M2 supports operating systems such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, TurboLinux Enterprise Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and Novell NetWare. Depending on the amount of information processed and the direction of the organization, selects the best “model” x3550 M2 server, depending on the specific operating systems.

IBM x3650 M2

The IBM server-level working groups the second generation of this computer IBM x3650 M2. It is an enhanced continuation of the IBM 3650. Server IBM x3650 M2 – high-performance solution that is designed to maintain the leading virtualization capabilities.

According to its characteristics x3650 M2 server can have upto two four-or dual-core processors and up to twelve 2.5-inch HDD SAS / SATA. So, IBM System x3650 M2 can serve as a powerful database server and file server. The model presented here the server that is expandable up to 128GB of RAM DDR-3. The opportunity to integrate the memory is optimal for complex computations and applications.

A distinctive feature of the server presented is its energy-efficient design with six cooling fans, low voltage IP and the new system BIOS, which allow you to create economical mode power consumption, allowing, in turn, reduce costs enterprise resources.

Convenient dimensions of this model make efficient use of the car, and the possibility of replacing components in IBM x3650 M2 enables IT professionals to service the machine without stopping it.

Server IBM System x3650 M2 supports operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Server 2003, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Novell NetWare, TurboLinux Enterprise Server.

IBM System x3650 M2 is highly reliable server for a new generation, the perfect partner for solving complex problems of the organization.

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