Tips on Setting Up a New Server

As far as possible gathered together your own practical experience, and multiple recommendations, found in the internet, checking out the practical application in use on multiple servers in data centers in India and all around the world. The text below is not exhaustive presentation of the material and on its best possible mapping. And besides, mysql php hosting sites are now very fashionable.

Recommendations are given to the most common and promising OS RHE (Red Hat Linux) and cPanel / WHM as they are currently used by the server shell control. The above combination is not without flaws, but apparently there is no perfect combination, and to break foolish can all…
Presentation of the material is to order by the principle “from simple to complex and necessary and less important, but the order is not guaranteed, and priorities may vary depending on the attitudes and tastes.

So.. Your first server..

If you started reading these notes, is there the need for such things like low-cost hosting, paid hosting, its security and server support in working condition. Expending the least possible time and resources – usually after the order is the first dedicated server no addition, no other…
The most common problems faced by any aspiring Web hosting, rather rashly hastened to leave the status of a reseller in the hope of rivers of milk and milk and honey on your own dedicated web server, or the creator of the Internet project, which became crowded in the SHARED-hosting and decided to (sometimes violently forced) go to your dedicated server.

Why rash? If you have not already realized, life will show you his teeth in the form of hackers on the best reseller hosting, server hangs on unexplained reason, failed attempts to configure the required client software package and other “joys” of its own server.

The first commandment:

All or almost all of the following must be done for the server of your first customer or your own project. This way you will not only simplify the task, but also save time and money. For the advent of the load and the traffic the first problems in the form of intrusion users, congestion, and restore always takes longer, harder and more expensive than creating a secure server from scratch that working stable.

Commandment Two:

Do not skimp! Very often the desire to save more than anything else, the server takes the cheapest, as the configuration, and the level of the data center, and some time later revealed that even before the end of this year limit the performance will be exhausted, will have nowhere to grow and the server, just tuned and optimization, already needs to be replaced by a more powerful and productive.
Your winnings as a result of such savings – 5-8 months, you pay at least Rs.500-1000, it is Rs.2500-7000.

Loss – should once again pay for the installation of a new server data center.

Rs.1500 to 5500.

Require the services of hired admin to install anything that you do not deliver or do not have time to do it – from Rs.1,000 to 7,500 one-off.
Moreover, even in the most successful event, sites transferred from server to server some time perform too poorly or not at all (depending on experience and qualifications of personnel data center, the registrar of your domain and your own luck).

For my own project – a loss of moral and, apparently, the material.

For the host – is dissatisfied customers, which are also lost, often simply irreplaceable. Therefore, hesitating to buy or rent a dedicated server, assess their abilities and needs and try not to do the most that you don’t need today. Take a look broader and more. It is best for the time horizon.


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