How to Build A Collective Shopping Site

Today many people come to us knowing how to assemble a site of collective purchases fueled by real fever that swept the Internet. The enthusiasm is justified, since the business model is highly interesting and profitable and it’s been a long time success in the United States. The paths to the creation of these sites are not unknown, but the accessory tools for creating a site of collective purchasing are sometimes placed in the background, undermining business performance.

A site collective purchase is more than one system

If you pay close attention, the collective shopping sites have the same basic appearance. There are two reasons for this. The first is that in terms of design and usability that is the format that works. The second is that the scripts – programs – that create these sites are ready and the market. With an initial investment of less than $ 15,000 can buy a great system for a site of collective purchasing. In truth, a site collective purchasing can be mounted even if the platform using WordPress with a plugin specifically created for this. The technical issue is therefore not creating a problem for site collective purchasing. With a training course for the team responsible for managing the site will be fully trained and able to manage the day-to-day business.

The battle of the digital marketing of discount sites

The second point to be addressed by the entrepreneur who wants to create a site collective purchasing is the issue of disclosure. The big difference is in the shares of digital marketing that will be implemented in the dissemination of promotions offered by the site. The e-mail marketing has a crucial role in this business, since it is the most immediate form of communication with potential buyers. To achieve efficiency in this area, it is best to hire a good service activation and training of an employee to administer the database and composition of the mailing in order to not be blocked or deleted automatically by the anti-spam providers.

The second action is to stage the social networks and social media marketing. Social media has the “face” of collective purchasing. They are agile and frequented by people seeking information. A well trained staff in this area is essential, even if you hire an agency to handle that part. The monitoring of actions in social media is an essential tool for making decisions in this market. The web analysis also plays a key role, since we can identify the behavior patterns of target audience. Information provided by tools like Google Analytics can help in making decisions, for example, the determination of new markets to be addressed.

The third action is to stage the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The search marketing has an important role in the success of a project in this area and how the actions of SEO – Website Optimization for search engines require time to be effective, marketers must also rely on actions involving sponsored links.


If you are thinking of setting up a site of collective purchasing, keep in mind that marketing will be a key factor in this venture and therefore should receive as much attention as the system area. Email marketing, social media, sponsored links and blogs will be part of arsenal of tools you will use to obtain a prominent position in this market. If you’re starting to create collective purchasing site, you can take care of that part of the business and ensure project success. If you already have a site of collective purchasing, make sure your online marketing activities are in accordance with the requirements of this business model.


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