An Overview of Blog Hosting

Blogs can be a great way for sharing your knowledge and displaying your expertise across the World Wide Web.It does not matter if you have a personal website or a small business web hosting,you can surely write your experiences or information about the products or services you offer. Blogs are considered to be one of the most effective ways of portraying your expertise.

Blogs help your customers to quickly run through the product manuals and tutorials that can help them sort issues on their own.Blogs are full of information and is usually updated on a regular basis.Search engine friendly blogs can help to benefit your main domain in the SERP’s.

Usually most of the web hosting providers offer blog hosting services as well.If you have an existing small business web hosting account with eIndiahost and wish to install a blogging software such as WordPress,Nucleas etc.,you can either do it on your own or ask the admins to install it for you.These applications are already present in your control panel and can be installed with a single click.If you have a cPanel control panel,then through Fantastico you can get WordPress installed on your own,whereas if you have Plesk,you would need Plesk Power Pack in order to have WordPress.You do not have to pay anything extra for installing WordPress through Fantastico cPanel,while there is a nominal charge for Plesk Power Pack.

Blog hosting enable you to showcase your blogsite on blogging platforms. Blogging platforms such as WordPress,Nucleas and b2evolution are some of the widely used softwares.

Few reasons why you should consider Blog hosting are as stated below:

a. You have the complete control over the content you publish on your own blog/s.You have the control to manage the priveleges of the users and contributers.
b. The content is more secure since you have the blog hosted in your own webspace unlike that of a free blogging website.
c. Blogging applications and themes can enhance the overall scalability through easily downloadable plug-ins and affiliate programs. WordPress for example have multiple SEO friendly addons and plugins that further enhances your blogs and hence your main website.
d. You can publish user guidelines,tutorials and trouble shooting articles for your users.
e. You can add various multimedia content such as images,videos,audio files etc. which are high resolution files with ease.

If you are planning to set up a blog with no previous experience of web hosting,then make sure that the web hosting provider you choose does not compromise on quality. Blogs usually do not require much resources,therefore a simple shared hosting package should be enough initially.Later you can easily upgrade the package if necessary.If you are planning attach your blog to a main domain of your website then make sure that you have enough resources to support both the accounts.

It is better to choose a web hosting provider that offers 24×7 support via various mediums such as Live Chat,Phone and Emails/Tickets. Blogs are more prone to spamming,hence installing plugins to avoid spammers spam your blogs can be a good options.
Make sure to take regular backups of the content. Similar to forums,blogs too can be a useful platform for communication.
There is no barrier for installing a blogging platform on any of the web hosting accounts.You can get it installed even if you have a simple shared package or a small business web hosting package,VPS or even a dedicated server.

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