You may be paying too much for the cloud

By hiring the service, it is important to prepare for use, in fact, only the necessary and pay as little as possible
Not a month goes by without you hear talk of a fall in price promoted by a major cloud computing provider immediately followed by everyone else. Although it seems an endurance race, in fact, the cloud providers are starting to make money, actually.
Public clouds act as utilities. How companies pay for services directly depends on the way they consume cloud-based resources, such as storage, computation and applications. Companies that consume cloud hosting services in india efficiently pay less, and most pay more inefficient.
There are two reasons why you may be receiving bills larger than it should clouds, both related to efficiency.
First, applications are not optimized to effectively use the resources of the cloud. This means that they do not use cheaper cloud resources in order to perform better.
The problem is that most companies do a simple port of the application when it is moved to the cloud; applications are not optimized for the target platform (in this case, a public cloud). This approach is called lift-and-shift migration of applications to the public cloud. You might get lucky. But generally, it means you will pay more for the use of cloud platform to be less efficient applications.
Secondly, cloud resources are mismanaged. This means that instances of machines can be provisioned with, but never “desprovisionadas”. Much storage is allocated without the slightest need. And special services (such as data blocking for regional data centers) being used even when not needed.
The solution to these problems usually requires firms to invest in a management approach of cloud resources, including many of the cloud management (CMPs) platforms available today.
In addition, companies must have a practical look at how and why we consume public cloud resources as well as the types of resources used. In many cases, it is common to hire premium services when they do not need them.
Take some time to figure out how to reduce your bill of cloud hosting providers india. You will get much more value.


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