What does Tier means while considering a Datacenter?

The classification of the Datacenter according to the Tier I to IV Datacenter is a process of defining the performance of a Datacenter on the basis of its up-time to customers. Various factors like the Return on Investments & the total dedicated servers’ productivity can also be measured with the help of these classifications of Tier.

A server is a normal machine & every machine needs some or the other kind of maintenance, therefore, it doesn’t matter with the Tiers of Datacenter as long as the servers are performing well & giving you the desired outputs.

It is usually said that the Tier 4 Data center are robust & build considering all the redundant aspects. It consists of the N + N redundant power, cooling, storages, HVAC systems as well as network supply. Tier III Datacenter also consists of the same level of security & redundant measures taken; it is just that Tier III includes of N + 1 instead of N + N. The following are some of the facts that might be of a help to know the differences:

Tier 1 – Redundancy is not available. There is a single server set-up.
Tier 2 – Consists of Tier 1 feature with comparatively lesser redundant components.
Tier 3 – Consists of Tier 1 & Tier 2 features along with multiple uplinks & Dual-powered equipments for redundancy.
Tier 4 – Consists of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 features & all the aspects are fully fault-tolerant & dual powered.

The following is the Classification of Datacenter Availability according to Tiers & their percentage uptime:

Tier 1 assures 99.671% uptime guarantee.
Tier 2 assures 99.741% uptime guarantee.
Tier 3 assures 99.982% uptime guarantee.
Tier 4 assures 99.995% uptime guarantee.

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