The benefits of using a sharing solution in the cloud

Services of sharing and storing files in the cloud are now one of the biggest enablers for collaboration regarding the transmission and exchange of images and documents. To market enterprise is also an interesting solution when used well. Check out five reasons to join the file-sharing cloud service.
Better use of resources:  When using a service -sharing in the cloud company stops sending attachments with e-mails and, thus, reduces the volume of data exchanged on the network, thereby improving the performance of sending and receiving e-mails and access to internal systems.
Constant updating of files:  When there are multiple developers working on the same file, for example, a business proposal or a financial spreadsheet often happens creating different versions of the same document. With an online sharing is simplified access to the most recent version of the file in question.
Control:  You can create different access levels and thereby manage who can access read-only and who can make changes to certain files or directories.
Audit hits:  Some applications file sharing offer the  administrator the ability to track which files and folders were accessed by which users and at what time, creating a fully traceable and controlled environment.
Administration space:  You can divide the contracted space between users and monitor in detail the use of each employee.
Warning: It is necessary to emphasize that not all file-sharing programs have all the features described here. Moreover, some of these services have suffered from security flaws recently, they are not designed to meet business needs. So do your homework and carefully research the alternatives available in the market, this is the best way to ensure that their needs will be met satisfactorily.

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