Survey reveals low adherence to cloud computing in companies

A study found that just over a quarter (26%) of small and medium web hosting enterprises (SMEs) currently use a cloud application, that number rises to 47% among large with more than 250 employees.
The research aimed to understand the degree of adoption, assimilation and use of new technologies on society. It was found that the main barrier to cloud adoption by small and medium enterprises segment of the market that can benefit greatly from lower costs, is ignorance. Only 15% of SMEs that do not use cloud said they knew what it is about technology.
Among SMBs that use cloud applications adopted are not complex. Most uses of data storage systems and cites as a reason for adopting the simplicity of exchanging files (31%), the portability of documents (27%) and the advantages of storage capacity (18%).
Cloud applications have become reality in the corporate environment in recent years by offering functionality with low investment and a model of payment based on the volume of use. With the availability and popularity of new functions in the cloud, it is expected that companies increase the use of services and solutions based on the platform.



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