Security Loop Holes To Check While Choosing PHP Hosting

PHP was developed in the year 1995 and was basically meant for the web. It has the capability of being used on almost every operating system. There has been a drastic increase in the number of PHP users and is continuously growing due to the enormous benefits it offers. But as every software application has some loop holes, so does PHP has.
Php has is considered to be the most widely used programming language for web development. Hence, it is used for developing various independent corporate applications. It has the capability of creating almost anything according to your requirements. But, there are few loop holes that needs to be considered from a security point of view. It is important to make yourself aware of its security flaws  and take appropriate security measures.
Hackers Security Loop Holes in PHP
As we are aware, hackers and attackers are always on the look-out for some weak code and loop hole in the code of the webpage, they might use certain codes of request to retrieve data from your website. The “allow_url_fopen” is one such command which would allow users to request a file function similar to “file_get_contents()” that would allow someone to grab crucial information from your website using a remote FTP connection. As a default function, it is enabled in the settings. It is required that you manually disable it for avoiding hackers exploit your website. This would not affect your website functionality since it is usually unused. Incase you do require it in future, you always can change it later.
Sensitive Functions
Similar to the above function, all the functions that posses the chance of being exploited must be disabled inorder to keep away hackers. Further there are few more functions that may pose threat to your website. The functions such as “EVAL” , “shell_exec” and “passthru” are some of them.  There are minor adjustments that needs to be made to the “disable_functions” values in the php.ini , to disable them.
PHP SecurityThe “EVAL” function should be necessarily disabled, as it enables users to remotely request for the control over the PHP code of your website. Some hackers may use a combination of such functions, this can cause major trouble for your website. But, before you disable it, check if it is not required for any application or plugins used in your website.
As most users are aware PHP offers extended flexibility to users, and this makes it simpler for attackers to exploit the security of the website and hence the server. Since PHP is used in CMS that is used by your website, there may lie a loop hole which might prove to be an invitation for hackers. Therefore, it is recommended to use the highly secure and tested plugins and applications for managing your website.
Also, cross check if the plugins you use have secure coding.
Most of the reputed web hosting service providers in India offer secure PHP Hosting servers with enhanced security on their servers. In-addition to a well coded PHP website, choosing an affordable web hosting solution for your PHP website can offer better security to your website.
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