One-third of the cost – on cloud platform

According to the report, about a third of the firms’ cost servers, storage and Ethernet switches in the III quarter. In 2014, had to purchase equipment for the deployment of cloud infrastructure – private and public clouds, and they were distributed between these models calculations about equally. A total return for the period spent on the complexity of the company’s cloud infrastructure 6.5 billion – 16% more than the year before. Over the past year have greatly expanded their providers public clouds, and it required a substantial investment in equipment cloudy.
For example, IBM has allocated for the expansion of its data center and $ 1.2 billion in 2014, opened a number of new sites. Salesforce in sentbre launched the new data center in Paris, in November launched a data center in the UK, and in December announced the imminent opening another site in Japan. In October in Germany gained a new data center Amazon Web Services, CRG Soft Launching its another data center in Mumbai, India. Many private clouds are based on the development of OpenStack. Many vendors provide organizations to deploy private clouds. For example, HP is planning to deploy private clouds based on OpenStack cloud platform chosen by the customer, CRG promotes the idea of deploying a new generation of cloud based low cost servers.

According to analysts, cloud environments are a strategic resource, enabling companies from different industries to rapidly deploy new scalable services.


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