Cloud enables delivery of applications faster

Develop software in record time is the biggest benefit of cloud computing. Cost reduction is not the main advantage of cloud computing, but the speed that this model can give business by enabling IT to respond in short time to the demands of the company.

It is much faster to develop applications to run in the cloud, the possibility of use of existing codes and functionality. Thus, the production time of a software program that would eight months for example, may drop to two weeks, depending on their complexity. That’s the biggest gain of the model. Enables, for example, reduce the time to develop a solution for the sales team campaigning or getting a product to market.

Factors such as these are causing more companies wake up to this new concept. Coffee notes that the pace of adoption is faster in emerging countries such as India, which have fewer resources to invest in development.

Today we can hire applications for virtually all processes in the cloud computing model and not just for customer relationship (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). IT executives are more confident in the use of private networks. Two years ago, CIOs have asked about security issues and now they want to know how we can help them come into compliance with the standards.

New Projects

With this change, many companies want to know how they can migrate legacy applications to the cloud, such as ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) systems. Companies do not change what is working well, since cloud computing lets you leverage existing investments. The transfer should occur only if the dedicated server hosting india service provider is not meeting the needs of the company.

Instead of focusing on migration, it is advised to embrace the cloud to new demands that cannot meet in day to-day requirements.

IT departments have on average 50 projects in the queue because they cannot develop them. They can avail the facilities of cloud computing to provide answers to business areas with more speed with web hosting.


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