After all, what is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) on the web, written in PHP and run on MySQL, initially made ​​for the creation of blogs, but is now widely used for the creation of websites professionals.

WordPress was developed by Matthew Mullenweg and Ryan Boren on May 27, 2003 from the old b2 / cafelog. Because it is free, easy to use, with frequent updates and have lots of quality and safety, WordPress became popular causing many professional bloggers and businesses that create sites to begin to use it. WordPress is released under the General Public License – GNU General Public License.

Another factor that contributed to the WordPress growth in the world, was that in 2003 the terms of the license Movable Type (Other CMS and main competitor of WordPress), have been modified by its creators. Thus, most of its members moved to WordPress. This fact meant that there was a continued growth in its popularity. Today WordPress is the largest and the world’s best Content Management platform.

Some Features

Install and Upgrade – Installation is very fast and intuitive, taking on average 10 minutes. All updates are made ​​through the admin panel, and possess an automatic update feature.

Themes – The layout and theme design can be changed and adapted to your taste and need. Use the technique of children themes to change your theme. Of course, for this is required a certain knowledge of HTML and CSS. There are a multitude of Free Themes and Premium Themes for your site get to your face.

Plugins – Plugins change your site’s resources. In WordPress repository there are numerous plugins for all purposes. If you have knowledge of PHP, you can develop your own plugin.


Despite being developed and maintained largely by your community, WordPress is associated with Automatic, where some of the leading developers of WordPress are employees.

WordPress was developed in two versions, with the and version. The difference is that version is more complete, customizable and professional is necessary to hire a hosting server for hosting it. version does not require the hiring of a server, but is restricted and not allow the inclusion of banners.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance in the process of creating websites  to see if your need is for a dynamic website or not, and if so, opt for WordPress. You will not regret it.

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